1. ENGINEERING. Technical guidance required throughout all the phases of the project.

2. TECHNICAL SERVICE. Assembly, commissioning and ongoing training teams.

3. POST-SALE. Customer service with follow-up and collection of plant data.

4. REPAIRS AND UPDATES. Modernisation, adaptation and expansion of existing facilities and production lines. Automation of facilities. Emergency breakdown customer service.

5. MANAGEMENT OF SPARE PARTS. Management of spare and replacement parts for all the machinery on the plant.

6. MUESTREO DE INSTALACIÓN MODELO RC. We provide our customers with the opportunity to visit a plant as a sample of the project to be executed.

7. TURNKEY SERVICE. In a joint effort, our engineering department develops the entire plant project, combining and managing the design of plans, calculations, electrical installations, automatism, control, traceability, assembly and commissioning


Ros Conesa - Instalaciones Agroindustriales provides you with optimum support in the form of a 6-phase approach for the development of your project idea:

1. Phase One – Provisional plan
A provisional plan is drawn up based on the information provided by the customer. The collection of data, information, basic needs and requirements are crucial to the development of an appropriate design to enable us to compile a project plan which is adapted to the customer. The starting points are keys to future developments, and will add to the feasibility of the project. These details form the base of later conversations.

2.Phase Two – Definitive plan
Once the provisional plan has been submitted, the conformity phase begins. The customer will either approve or suggest possible changes or adjustments for the design of the definitive plan and the corresponding quote. Knowing the specific needs of the customer ensures we work efficiently and correctly throughout the project, which reduces and optimises the times in relation to development, construction and delivery.

3.Phase Three – Delivery of a Quote
A design plan is drawn up with technical specifications and a specific quote. RC will inform you of the dates for delivery and assembly of the project.
Once an agreement has been reached on the definitive plan, the engineering and development work will commence.

4.Phase Four – Manufacture and purchase
Once the pre-agreement quote and the respective amendments have been signed, RC will commence the manufacture and purchase of the components and equipment.

5.Phase Five – Assembly and Commissioning
The assembly service will commence subsequent to receipt of the equipment and parts comprising the installations. RC personnel will ensure all the components and equipment are assembled on the site of the plant. The start-up and commissioning of the facility is the final service of the assembly phase.

6.Phase Six – Post-sale
Once commissioning has been concluded, RC will maintain direct contact with the customer or person in charge of the project. RC will provide the necessary assistance, training and instruction of employees with regard to the operation and maintenance of the equipment, in addition to spare parts management and maintenance of the installations.

“The efficacy of a project is measured by the optimisation of each of its phases”