Agricultural feed

Specialising in the construction of Feed mills with a turnkey option, RC´s agro-food department projects, designs and develops its own brand of machinery and equipment for the transportation, handling and processing, in addition to fully mechanised facilities for the storage of grain incorporated in the plant.

Our plants for the production of animal feed and by-products are capable of producing top quality grain feed, flour, pellet and crumb feed.

Maquinaria  agroalimentaria

Comprehensive service in:

  • Compound animal feed plants.
  • Premix plants.
  • Bird mix plants.
  • Facilities for the receipt and storage of raw materials in silos and cells.
  • Dosing and weighing lines.
  • Milling lines
  • Mixing lines.
  • Facilities for the weighing and dosing of additives and vitamins.
  • Drying lines.
  • Complete granulation lines.
  • Conditioning and thermal processing lines.
  • Complete bagging lines.
  • Dust catchment facilities.
  • Washing and sieving lines.
  • Automation and complete control of plants.
  • Agro-industrial

    RC´s agro-industrial department, made up of a professional team of engineers committed to the preservation of the environment, projects, designs and develops machinery for the transportation and equipment for the handling and processing of plastics, scrap metal, oils and biomass, making us a genuine and reliable supplier and assembler of agro-industrial machinery and equipment.

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    Comprehensive service in:

  • Machinery for the transportation, grinding, processing and classification of plastics.
  • Machinery for the transportation, processing and classification of scrap metal.
  • Machinery for the transportation and processing of biomass.