About us

Ros Conesa is a company located in southeastern Spain which has developed over three generations and is now a leading manufacturer of agro-industrial machinery and equipment, guaranteeing the maximum quality and performance of all its products, combining the design, development and manufacture of each piece of equipment. RC has dedicated over 90 years of experience to the development of comprehensive solutions for the storage, handling and processing of grain.

Nowadays, the company´s potential focuses basically on the manufacture, supply and installation of transportation machinery and processing equipment for grain, in addition to the bulk storage of the same for the production of animal feed and by-products.

Our structure and organisation boasts an experienced team of engineers and human resources who develop tailor-made comprehensive solutions for processes involving the preparation, storage and processing of animal feed.

Specialising in the construction of turnkey compound feed plants, RC boasts a long list of plants installed all over Spain and holds different bussiness agreements in other parts of the world.

Our workshops cover an area of over 15.000 m² with 5.000 m² of buildings.

“RC will enable you to store your products and plan your ideas in accordance with the best solutions”

Comprehensive service

Our significant success is based on providing a comprehensive service fully adapted to the needs of our customers. Based on the quality of the work of a team of well-trained professionals who have been bringing trust and prestige to the company for decades.

All our specialised technical personnel boast vast professional experience in the agro-industrial sector, thereby ensuring the company is appropriately positioned to provide you with the necessary technical expertise throughout the phases of the project, guaranteeing a design which is perfectly adapted to your requirements.

We provide our customers with support throughout the execution of the project: By means of our on-site assembly department, and to the conclusion of the same via our ongoing post-sale customer service, committed to dealing with any needs immediately.

“A commitment to engineering is the base of our growth”

RC enjoys self-sufficiency as a key differentiation tool, providing comprehensive solutions for the storage, transportation and processing of a variety of products. This all means less production time, assembly and commissioning, thereby providing efficient responses for any of the turnkey installations, both small agro-industrial plants and large production facilities in terms of performance and capacity.

Our guarantee

RC has built up a considerable reputation designing and constructing many of the country´s agricultural feed facilities. RC is currently one of the most important companies in the compound animal feed plant construction sector in Spain, supported by its vast experience and the projects executed over the years. We are responsible for over 40 turnkey Feed mills of different capacities and characteristics and numerous projects involving the expansion and upgrading of different types of industrial plants.

Due to the enormous competition present in the current market, productivity has become increasingly important, and is now the primary objective in relation to investment in a project of such a nature. As such, we strive to provide the most efficient productivity in the market, and our success has been acquired by meeting the real needs of our customers.

“Paying attention to detail is the key to our success”

Selecting our suppliers, we use the production materials and equipment which are best suited to each project, thereby guaranteeing a robust and long-lasting facility, in addition to high levels of profitability and low maintenance costs.

A comprehensive guarantee and the proven quality of all our products and services to ensure a long and efficient service life. Backed up by first-rate suppliers, we guarantee our company is a safe and profitable choice.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by means of a quality management system certified in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.

certificado ISO-9001